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Yoga: Experiencing The Infinite One | Marc Titus

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Before it even happened, I cried.  Looking back, I see that some part of me knew what was about to happen and yet at the time, I just rode the current.  I cried; years of repressed something left me that night and I came into an even deeper presence and awareness than ever before.  I was alive (still am turns out!), everything subsided into the moment and peacefully attuned to that, it unfolded as it did…  conscious moments strung together to create a series of events that led up to this one, right now.

Before I go any further, let me say that I am a modern yogi.  I have experienced God, Source or Divine Energy… Chi, Prana, Tao, Energy, Consciousness; All refer to the same experience.  A yogi is one who practices a scientific approach to God-realization, or self-realization, Paramahansa Yogananda said.  Practicing consistently the many aspects of Yoga Science can have the experience of neutralizing the effects of the modern life experience.  It is here, in this void of thought mind, that we can finally rest into the experience of self-unfettered from the illusory experience we derive from our senses.

Modern life has contributed to an experience of dis-ease amidst our population, albeit a mental one, yet we are not training ourselves to drop the false projections of the mind and free ourselves from the sometimes dreadful experience we create.   If we did, we could come into a state of health and well-being that has eluded us to date.  I personally have seen and experienced “miracles” of aware beings set focused on healing themselves; myself healing a “back injury” that threatened to be life debilitating where western medicine tried to convince me I would never walk easily again, nor live a pain-free life.

That night, I cried, as the new moon’s energy swept over me. I really had no idea what was going on.  Something within was cleansing, to be sure and little did I know that I would experience (yet again) something so profound as to forever change me.  My life, I owe to my yoga practice…

I pushed and bullied my way through in the old days.  I made things happen; wrapped in the ego drama, I got caught up in the machinations of the western world condition and nearly succumbed to that which would have been my demise.  Survival instincts coupled with material desires ruled my senses, manipulated by mass consciousness and social marketing; I strived desperately for the unreal.  There was sufferings and strife, as I built then watched it all crumble away.

Put simply, Yoga brought me to peace with the world.  It healed me and has brought an awareness and intimacy with my physical body that allows me to monitor my own health and vitality.  Over time and as an inner stillness developed, it brought about an interest in deeper inquiry into the essence of my being.  The search brought me to the quintessential aspect of the path of the modern Hero’s Journey.

On the archetypal path, the hero is born to parents and begins to navigate the external environment through the senses and material world… Sound familiar?  Our modern experience is rife with and provides a rich, albeit manipulated set of near infinite promise all hooking us back into the senses and the ego’s never-ending desires.  This continues, until one day something deep within comes to the surface and makes itself known.  It may take years and many attempts, but the hero can step over the threshold and leave the senses behind. Releasing the light of the sun direct and moving into the reflection of the moon, the path to the underworld (inner) unfolds.

Yoga provides an access point to Consciousness.  It is the practice of stilling the mind and practiced diligently will bring about fundamental changes in your way of being.  It will move you, through your body, into the energy beyond [or more literally, behind] your physicality.  The path, arduous in archetypal nature leads onward and inward where the hero battles darkness and demons, the sufferings of a lifetime(s) relived play out in the sphere of the Infinite.

We practice stillness on the mat, using asana, or physical postures to mimic the inner journey at times.  Physical resolve and breath bring about the stability to navigate this newfound inner turmoil and the mat becomes the sanctified space to conduct these inquiries… and to heal.  What you will find is up to you.  No two souls are alike, yet we will know similarities.  The journey, modern or not brings us all to the same place.  We come home… in our self.

As the tears flowed that night, I was able to maintain a presence with the experience and listen through it to the voice of my inner knowing or intuition.  I sat under the stars in absolute new moon darkness and cried.  Gone was self-judgment.  Nowhere to be found was the voice of other as I rested in my own experience.  Those subsequent moments moved me forward; many perceivably challenging at the time, yet I am here now, awake and alive.  I cried that night for the loss I would feel at the illusory “ending” and for the joy I would know as a result.  The tears flowed because my mind was still and I could feel, so as a Human Being I felt deeply and experienced…

The Infinite One.

Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators.  He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. Marc’s spiritual practice and understanding was borne from his journey from struggle and strife in relationship, family, career and health to a life of Spirit and service filled with Love, kindness, compassion and abundance.  His deeply rooted philosophy results from his direct experience of miracles and healing that brought about the profound shift in Marc’s health, wellness, vitality and prosperity.  Marc lives in Sedona, Arizona where he regularly experiences God.

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