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I Am Grateful | The Cafe Gratitude Cookbook | A Must Have For Everyone

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I Am Grateful

We wish that every city could have there very own Cafe Gratitude. It is one of the most amazing organic, farm to plate, restaurants EVER! But for those of you who have yet to experience this wonderful place, there is a wonderful book with many of Cafe Gratitude’s incredible recipes. Check out Cafe Gratitude Menu Here and then order your cookbook. From the “I Am Adventurous to the I Am Devoted”, you’ll fall in love with these treats.

You can purchase the I Am Grateful Cookbook Here.

Founders, Cafe GratitudeHistory of Cafe Gratitude

When Matthew and Terces Engelhart first became sweethearts, they promised to live their lives together following and trusting intuition. Resulting from that commitment was an initial guidance to create a board game and after a year of development, the Abounding River Game was introduced. The Abounding River is an interactive way of practicing “being” Abundance in your life. Their next collaborative creation was the accompanying Abounding River Logbook, a 42-day practice that is shared with a partner and guides individuals through exercises to practice focusing attention on qualities that we all aspire to: Love, Acceptance, Generosity, Worth, Gratitude, Creation, and Responsibility. Once the game was complete, Matthew and Terces agreed that it would be wonderful to offer a place where people could gather, eat, and play the game. Coincidentally, while on their farm in Maui, Terces read a book about live foods and became so inspired that she asked Matthew to eat ‘live’ for 30 days. At the end of the month, they felt so good they decided to create a living foods café, and so the idea for Café Gratitude was born. Shortly thereafter, they opened up on 20th and Harrison St. in the historic San Francisco Mission District. Since then, Café Gratitude has been a ground-breaking example of Sacred Commerce and its capacity to build community, encourage healthful living, and achieve abundance. They now have 6 locations in the Bay Area, and sell their products in partnering stores country wide.

About Their Food

Café Gratitude serves a menu of 100% organic, 100% vegan, local fare. Our food is free of refined sugar, flour, and additives. We have an extensive menu of raw foods and have recently expanded to serve cooked foods in many of our locations. We create all of our own food -from the produce bin to your plate – so we can avoid serving certain common allergens like wheat, soy, and peanuts. Over 45% of our produce comes from our Be Love Farm, and the compost from our Cafes is returned to the farm to nourish the next meal.

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