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The Do LaB Presents: Rise & Shine Gathering October 19th-21st | By Kellan Adams

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New to The Do LaB lineup is Rise & Shine Gathering, held October 19-21st at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley, California.  Nestled on approximately 122 beautifully landscaped acres, this event will host some of the most prominent luminaries of our time. Highlighting all realms of interest with yoga, music, educational workshops, meditation and ceremony. As usual, The Do LaB brings forth an event that encompasses everything sought by a voyager of conscious living.

With many successful years of event promoting, The Do LaB is a collaborative of people working together to bring you signature productions, responsible for helping to produce and design at both, Audi and Boom Festivals,  Coachella,  and it’s very own Lightning in a Bottle, an annual music and arts festival.

The Flemming brothers, Dede and twins, Jesse and Josh, architects of The Do Lab, grew up in rural Pennsylvania. In the late nineties, the three of them all eventually ended up in California. Thirteen years ago, they threw a birthday party in the woods with about 150 people and is today considered the first Lightning in a Bottle. With devotion, belief, creativity, dynamism and hardwork, the brothers have created one of the most successful production companies in the nation. Having a deep reverence for nature and sustainable living, while being enthralled and stimulated by the spirited music and art scene of LA, the brothers have managed to fuse it all together, creating an eclectic, yet flawless balance.

The Brothers

It is easy to feed off their passion and energy. Along the way, the brothers have formed many friendships and have collaborated with some very talented people. Despite their popularity and accelerating presence in the production world, they remain true to their intentions of creating a space where people can learn, expand their consciousness, and grow as individuals, while building community.

Without saying much at a it’s important to note that LIB has received the Outstanding Recognition from the Greener Festival Award the past three years, and with tremendous popularity has grown from an intimate gathering to an event exceeding 15,000 attendants.

With the intention of getting the community together several times a year, and with the popularity of LIB, Jesse, Josh & Dede have always wanted to do a second event. It has taken a few years to figure out what the next event would look like, but after paying attention to LIB and noticing a lot of growth in the yoga, speaker and workshop portions, and being introduced to Hummingbird Nest Ranch, the time seemed right to create another festival.

‘Being that this event is more intimate ,with some of the most beautiful and sacred natural surroundings, Hummingbird Ranch presented itself for this type of event and the location screamed Rise & Shine. Locations often dictate what you can do on them, and Hummingbird Ranch offers something for everyone’~ Dede Flemming

The dawning of Rise & Shine Gathering, is a collaboration of all The Do LaB people coming together to create a platform for people to participate, and share ideas on how to better themselves and their surroundings by stepping into their roles as creators, lovers and stewards of the land.

‘We wanted to create an offering that was a little more balanced and  bit less of a party, and so that is where the idea of Rise & Shine came about.’~Jesse Flemming `

R & S will be more intimate than LIB, it is about a third of the size, with two music stages, the Art Temple and Healing Sanctuary,  in addition to a pool, where parties will be held during the day before the evening festivities begin. After tiring yourself from yoga, attendants can spend the afternoon sipping on cocktails poolside, listening to some of their favorite DJs/producers.

Also R &S Gathering is pleased to announce Lightning in a Paintcan, inspired by a story written by visionary & producer Marsi Frey. Each artist will be asked to capture a stanza of her story in an interactive, live painting. After the event, all the artwork will come together to create a children’s book.

The Flemming brothers expect that R&S will draw many different people, most likely bringing in people who are faithful to LIB. They also want to encourage people to bring their children, and hope that many people unfamiliar to the scene will attend as well. At the forefront of this event is healthier more sustainable ways of living, also combined with an incredible music lineup, including headliners Bonobo, Emancipator, Karsh Kale & Phutureprimative. Music lovers will be satisfied with familiar, hip swaying electronic beats, blended with an array of instrumentals; covering a variety of genres, intended to cover the music scope in it’s entirety, With the evenings devoted to booty shaking,  participants should make sure to have their dancing shoes on for delivery of some incredible beats.

Daytime,  the focus will be on intentional music to accompany the yoga classes. All yogis will find transformational direction with classes from a host of pioneering yoga teachers, and guides to mediation and ceremony, such as Suzanne Sterling, Michelen Berry, Mark Whittel, & Hala Khori. Also the event will host some of the most profound leaders of our community. Starhawk, John Robbins, Daniel Pinchback & Jamie Janover, just to mention a few.

Also worth mentioning are the hands on workshops and to delight our taste buds and elicit healthy digestion, the Learning Kitchen. There is so much to know in regards to our health and what we can create in the kitchen. Healthy living traditions will be taught with an array of classes and workshops on macrobiotic cooking, juicing, living raw food preparation and sprouting and a multitude of other things.

‘The kitchen will be set up like a workshop area, where chefs will come in and teach how to prepare healthy foods. I think people go to restaurants to eat these things or they know about these types of cooking, but they’re not exactly sure how to do these things themselves. A lot of it is very simple, it’s been around for a very long time and I think people will be very into learning how to do these things at home.’~Josh Flemming

R&S Gathering encourages participants to settle in, relax and enjoy all that is being offered, carrying with it the inspiration that with every action lays the capacity to change the future for the better and with every inaction we create the space for apathy. The belief that we can create sustainable and thriving communities, only comes to fruition when we are educated and confident in the utilization of our gifts.

Collecting seeds of change and manifesting peace, gatherers at R&S will receive lasting benefits so that they can leave the event with a greater sense of inner harmony, knowledge and drive, to be active in building a better future.

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