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The Dark Spaces of Time | By Lisa Eastman

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The Dark Spaces

In the work of letting go, it is important to take responsibility for what we create. Responsibility meaning the ability to respond, not take the blame. Be kind to yourself through the journey because most of us already took the blame long ago, and spurred a story that sabotaged you along the way. When the time is right, when the pain’s too great, take a closer look at the you; you blamed. With compassion find the story you told about yourself and what it all meant about you, and let yourself off the hook by responding to the lies of the story in a loving way. And you don’t have to look too far, it will show up almost everyday.

Do you know what you do? How often do you find yourself saying, I don’t know why I do that. It’s not really such a mystery, but yet it is. In the big picture it makes perfect sense, but from our limited perspective it’s a complete mystery, totally bizarre. How many times have you been accused of something you swear you never do? It’s crazy making and frustrating, how could you be so misunderstood? When you believe you know exactly what you did and what your intention was, yet the world saw it differently, there is a lot of pain in feeling misunderstood. Yet we don’t understand why we do the things we do, so the misunderstanding is within you. When I ask people what they want to let go of, they always say some version of pain, fear, or fear of pain. Then I tell them they better stop living the lie that everything hinges on. Of course, they look at me like I have two heads.

When you live a script you don’t know you wrote, life will present you with repeated problems you cannot solve, blaming the world or the universe for outside interference not knowing that you are the creator. You cannot solve the problem till you come to know the story you told so long ago. And you set in motion a reverberation – echoing through the years – that lasts until the listener knows the bitter message whispered in your ear is your own voice telling the lies you told when you were too young to know they would last forever in the undertow of your mind. Written in the dark spaces of time, the script becomes unconscious in the splitting of good and bad, light and dark, conscious and unconscious. Like the slipperiness of a dream you can only remember for a moment upon awakening before it is whisked away into the fog of another dimension, but the feeling remains. The feeling is the only way to access the script hidden in the fog of the unconscious.

Behavior is the language of the unconscious, pushing its way through the dimensional veil, trying to right the imbalance of the lie in the most insidious way. Trying to get the love denied back from the dark spaces in time. Unable to remember the dream, the feelings weave themselves into the experience of the mind. What do you need? You cannot know for the need could not be met once the lie was told, which sparked the decisions you made and the epic story about how to survive such deprivation. This script was written before you could know that the tale would spin out of control. Every lie that condemns part of you to death needs a supporting story to survive the love denied. These are the moments I call the dark spaces in time. In the story, the need could not be met so you decided how to proceed to do your best to fill the need. How do you behave to fill the need you already decided couldn’t be met? Hence, the problem cannot be solved. The pain is the belief in deprivation.

The behavior is driven from the fog of the other dimension. So again I ask, do you know what you do? How could you? As a creator of your experience you will create the need not getting met because you already decided it couldn’t be, but unaware you keep doing the same things over and over to prove the lie you don’t know you told is true. Driven by the story you told in the dark spaces in time. How crazy are you? To solve the problem you must find the lie, release the emotions locked inside, and find the story in the fog, and write a new script in the clearing and create something new from a conscious mind.

Lisa EastmanLisa Eastman is an essential healer, teacher and shamanic practitioner. Her significant experience spans traditional and alternative healing methodologies, including Shamanism, behavioral kinesiology, reiki, dowsing, crisis intervention, and alchemy. Her new book-and-card set, Language of Letting Go, guides people through the process of letting go, teaching them how to see “the beauty in the ugly.” Language of Letting Go features provocative questions and statements to help readers triumph in the “battle between you and you” and become victorious warriors.

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