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Inspired Reflections~Lightning in a Bottle 2012

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Tis the season for festival going. We’re so blessed to be living in advanced times of enlightenment and awakening, where gatherings like Lightning in a Bottle are blossoming all over the globe. Lightning first struck initially in 2000, where a small  group of like minded people with a love of good music and the outdoors gathered. With the positive reputation of the event growing with every year, today it is unequivocally one of the best festivals to attend. The Do Lab has it dialed, with every logistic imaginable taken care of. Having an incredibly dynamic music, yoga, workshop, and speaker  lineup, aesthetically enchanting stage design, lighting, sound and art display, speedy entry, easily maneuverable layout, knowledgeable staff, well displayed environmentally conscious trash receptacles, variety of food, clothing and jewelry vendors, very little was overlooked.  Winner of the Greenest Festival in both 2010 & 2011,  the LIB slogan “Leave it better, leave it beautiful” is an active proclamation for building a better world.


Silverado Canyon is home to the Acjachemen people, the first tribe of LIB. They were not nomadic, living their lives centered on building permanent villages, living in symbiosis with nature of the canyon and the surrounding areas for the last 4,000 years.

With some of the most spirited yoga teachers to date to attend LIB, the trouble was being able to experience all the yoga, while also finding time to eat, rest and participate in all the other magical things going on.




Upon rising my first morning there; waking up to the sound of rain drops falling on my tent, feeling chilled to the bone, my body warmed and rejuvenated with Gigi Snyder’s vinyasa flow yoga. Instantly, restoring  balance and equanimity with Snyder’s positive, graceful and beautiful presence.  Practicing on the lawn in front of the bamboo stage, where every glimpse of the sun appearing through the clouds unified the flow of about one hundred yogis practicing.  Also resurfacing in my memory was the enigmatic, transvibrational, dreamlike soundscapes of  producer and DJ, David Block, known as the The Human Experience,  as he performed live during Snyder’s class. I felt that this class was transformational, redefining my perception of what it is to be truly present and in the flow.

Last March, releasing a new album The Art of the Way,  which you can download for free online, Block helped initiate a flow of consciousness that was present with every experience I had at LIB. I kept thinking about his titles as they relate to this paradigm. As every human experience is different and there is no right or wrong, there just is the art of the way of flow.

Closing our practice that morning with one of my favorite chants,

Om Lokah Smastha Sukhino Bhavantu:

May all beings everywhere be happy and free

 While being stimulated to my core, I was reminded of the simple  truth of what we are creating with intentional gatherings.

There was no shortage of good music. In particular, I was moved by the performances at the Woogie Stage. Resident Dj’s of Pocket Underground, Sammy Bliss, Justin Levi, Grant Kaye, and some very special guest appearances by Timmy Herrlein and DJ Gravity. Each DJ having their own distinct styles, but staying true to the nature of what it means to take the reigns and  get the crowd to move their bodies without over thinking. Also awesome was the integration of the Dirty Bird kids onto the Woogie Stage to intensify the vibration of the Funktion-One sound system. Justin Martin and J. Phlip, with their deep, techy, booty bouncing beats kept the crowd dancing through the night.

Saturday brought even more expansion and clarity, starting the day with Rainbow Warrior Yoga, once again I was delighted to practice more yoga of integration with teacher Alokanada, specializing in Qi Gong, yoga and mediation. As his website states, with forethought on taking the path of least resistance “we can either practice for power/control or we can do practice for our soul (god or greater good)”

Also energetically harmonizing, was sharing a sunset with  Kia Miller and Tommy Rosen. Heart opening alignment and motion specified work, Miller and Rosen, led the class through a series of movements combined with kundalini breathing and repetitive motion called Radiant Body Yoga. As Miller and Rosen spoke words of enlightenment through each sequence, the kinesthetics and chi activation was levitating.   Melodic mantra genius, Steve Gold and his band performed live during the class, translating every procession into beautiful melodies of manifestation.

There were a series of other yoga classes created an enhanced awareness of my own consciousness plus helping me find more connectedness. There was a soulful flowering  within, with a vinyasa yoga and shamanism centered workshop of Nicole Dohtery, leading movement and breathing, combined with meditative words of wisdom from Joyful Warrior Shaman Holly Baade, guiding us through this experience with the pulsating sounds of shamanic drums and bowels and musical inspiration of DJ Marques.

Kia Miller, Tommy Rosen & Steve Gold


Nicole Dohtery & Holly Baade












And by Sunday my cup was filled with inspirational energy and I was then blasted with even more incredible yoga and information. I spent the morning listening to two amazingly powerful speakers; Mark Whittel and Adam Apollo.  Whittel traveled the globe ,studying under some of the most prominent yoga gurus, including Krishnamacharya. Wanting to make timeless yoga principals approachable, he has found some ways to help people have a daily yoga ritual. He created an Iphone app called I Promise, that is a 7 minute routine to efficiently ignite the kundalini energy within, while also aligning the physical body and the chi within. He spoke of the inner depth to yoga and  how each individual has their own abundant light.  Once this energy is enacted it will transform how you see the world and your relationships.

Apollo spoke about facilitating a deeper awareness and recognition of who we are. Upon discovering a language about our core nature, we are able to harness our gifts and share them with the world.

The rest of the day was devoted to movement and the free expression of myself through dance. Finding my way back to the yoga temple to join Michelen Berry and Red Musette:Joey Lugassy, DJ Drez & Domonic Dean Breaux. Brewing up an enlivening and invigorating  practice of  vinyasa yoga, combined with world beat music, somatic dance, indigenous ritual and multimedia art.

The evening was spent at the Woogie Stage listening to Pumpkin, delivering a mastermind set, turing the crowd into one big booty shaking cuddle puddle. Lovingly, Pumpkin moves the crowd. He is not bound by genre, instead his knowledge of music, beat matching and anticipation of what the crowd is wanting, creates a melodic fusion that never disappoints. Time after time he creates an artistic, creative and unique music set, designed to fit the exact mood of the occasion. The truly beautiful thing about his music is that he integrates what a contemporary lover of music enjoys, the nostalgia of a good song.  A lover of house music, being doused with sound, I spent most of the evening at the Woogie Stage enjoying the snarky duo and creators of Pocket Underground, Ron Levy and Jesse Wright of Idiot Savant. As described, their music is ridiculously classy, sexy and mostly kosher.   World renown, fabricator of progressive house, DJ Nick Warren, delivered a set that took the crowd through peaks and valleys of melodic/bass genuis; knowing exactly what to do from beginning to finish.

Nick Warren at the Woogie Stage

Dance magic dance, an evening set with Pumpkin at the Woogie Stage











With one dynamically memorable experience after the other, The Do Lab once again did an incredible job producing Lightning In a Bottle and I will definitely be going back for more next year!







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