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What is art but reflections on our lives and how we perceive the world? “Yoga Tree” is an ongoing body of work that serves to express reconnection to the universe through the aliment found in yoga practice.

Jessica Albee

Redwood Painting
Artist: Jessica Albee

In pose, we realign the body, mind and spirit with all that is divine. We ground ourselves to the earth, welcoming in divinity into our practice. It is in this moment we become reconnected with all. The tree form represents this reconnection and transformation. When we transform, our inner wisdom expands to the entire wisdom of the earth. I see myself as a strong, old tree. I stand with grace, power, and purpose. This is the feeling yoga delivers.

Jessica Albee

Dark Side Of The Mountain

The style is simple; thin lines of black ink or paint. The process of the simple lines or brush strokes coming together is meditative and a yoga practice itself. Each stroke is thought out and builds the interwoven tree I envision. Balance plays a key role in the composition, just as it does in yoga. Marks are placed on the page to create a balanced tension that leaves the viewer feeling a sense of calm.

When creating a painting, I bring in the colors I feel fit best with the experience held in each pose. The goddesses pose inspired pinks, purples, and yellows. They are the colors of spring and feminine power. In seated pose, I used oranges, yellows, whites; the colors of warm, healing light.

Jessica Albee

Self Portrait

Balance, meditation, strength, and alignment are the elements of my work. I hope the viewer to experience the essence of yoga practice. I wish for them to relate and reflect on their own practice. For all those who do not do yoga, may they be inspired to explore.

About The Artist

Jessica AlbeeJessica Albee is a woman with a vision. She sees the world for all its color, humor, light, and loveliness. For all that is not so nice; she showcases that as well, in a more beautiful way. She has been creating art since she could remember and decided to study Art at Humboldt State University. Where she received her B.A. in Studio Art and discovered the joys of taking art to the next level.

Jessica will be exhibiting at The Yoga Show in London. She needs your support to manifest her dream, you can donate as little as $1 to make this dream a reality:

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