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Symbiosis | KK Ledford, DJ Drez, The Desert Dwellers, and many more | May 17-21, 2012 | Pyramid Lake, NV

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Join thousands of conscious friends and yogis at Pyramid Lake, NV for a truly unique experience. This festival offers so much diversity for anyone attending. This year KK Ledford, DJ Drez and The Desert Dwellers will be presenting at the festival, along with countless others.

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Symbiosis facilitates peak experiences through a synaesthesia of art, music, transformational learning, and sustainable living integrated into an unparalleled extravaganza of fun beneath the starry skies.

Symbiosis was founded on strong principles of environmental consciousness and ecological sustainability and each event has continued to advance this vision through the implementation of both time-tested and innovative eco-action initiatives.

They seek to provide a space for the fusion of aesthetics, sound, and natural living, in an atmosphere of interactive co-creation so we may share in moments that are transformative and inspiring, based in a deep respect for our community and environment.


In fact, our intention is for this to be a time when we get to taste the village life we all feel missing from our lives, sharing food, song, prayer, dance, art, performance and the day-to-day beauty of being alive.

Focused around a central elemental altar, where offerings and ceremonies will occur throughout the gathering, there is a sacred container being collectively created and held, in collaboration with the Native peoples who have honored us with the use of their land.

Every facet of this gathering is an opportunity for the work, whether it be on dance floor, in the skill shares, gathering in ritual or connecting with the land and each other.

We do not know exactly what these times hold, but we do know that when we enter this moment together, with real intentions for global healing and awakening, we can participate in these cosmic cycles in the best possible way.

The event culminates with the eclipse Sunday May 20th, 2012
5:14PM – Start of eclipse
6:30PM – Maximum Eclipse
(lasting 4min 40sec)
7:36PM – End of eclipse

The Gathering

You can click on any of the links below to see who is presenting at this year’s Symbiosis gathering.

Yoga and Movement
The Marketplace
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Symbiosis believes in the healing, transformative potential of intentional gatherings. They have dedicated our lives to facilitating these opportunities for collective evolution. This eclipse is the culmination of all we have learned along the way.

From the dark side of the moon, we are called to gather, to bring the unique gifts we have each been cultivating in order to enter together into this time of reckoning. Within this great shadow of the eclipse we have the opportunity to engage with our own shadows: personal, ancestral and cultural, and work together to transform these challenges into the blessings of a new day.

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