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High 5’s Foundation now this is yoga!

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Yoga and healing come in many shapes and forms. In the world of extreme sports, accidents happen frequently. Many times the injuries sustained by these athletes are life altering and require months, if not years, of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The High Fives foundation is a non-profit dedicated to helping athletes on their journey back to recovery. Founded by Roy Tuscany, after he was temporarily paralyzed in a skiing accident, the organization helps fund athletes long road to recovery and also helps finance Alternative Healing, that many insurance companies don’t provide coverage for.

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By donating to this organization, you can help athletes recover with the help of alternative forms of therapy. If you can’t afford to donate financially, then spread the love through your social networks and pump this organization. What they are doing is positive, powerful and helps those in need. Follow their Facebook page and most importantly, go to their website, check it out and contribute.

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